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About me


I love story telling. I love people. I love to unfold them with my camera. I believe in the power of Photography. In its power to make different worlds come together,  to awake emotions and to immortalise the ephemeral.

I also believe that Photography is a kind of therapy. It can work as a way to explore self-awareness and improve self-esteem. It can also work as a "deposit" where people displace their pain, their sorrow, ending a chapter.
What I hope is that the photoshoot always works as a "celebration of themselves" whatever moment of life they are going through.

For me, portraits are about exploring identity and it also works with fashion and commercial. The photographs have to mean something. 

I am obsessed with beauty. The beauty of the imperfect. The beauty of something special. The beauty of something absolutely ordinary. The beauty in a dream. The beauty of happy and the beauty of sad.



Phone Number: +351 913 333 170