About me

I am a storyteller, my voice a lens, an attentive eye. With my camera, I adore people, unfold them. Love them. I believe in the power of photography to unite disparate worlds, awaken dormant emotions, immortalize the ephemeral.

 I also believe in the power of photography to heal. The photoshoot becomes a kind of therapy, a session to celebrate an individual life at a particular moment in time. The photographer a witness. And the image a repository for the subject’s despair, a stepping stone—a way of moving forward with increased self-awareness and improved self-esteem.

 The portrait is always an exploration of identity. An opportunity to witness and capture beauty in its multitudinous forms: the imperfect, the unique, the absolutely ordinary; the beauty of a myth, or a dream, of joy and of sorrow. 

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Photo credits: Anka Zhuraveleva 



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